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Message Editor

You can edit all messages in the skin. The RVskin update engine will not overwrite your messages. If you are "root", changing your messages will not affect resellers' clients.

Guide to customizing your messages

1. Select the language to modify messages

Note: Loading language files may take up to 20 seconds.

2. Open your client's Cpanel in another window to see the default message in your prefered language. Don't use Ctrl+N to open new windows. Open new windows by clicking to initiate new browser session. Browse to the page whose messages you wish to modify.
3. There are 2 types of language files

  • Language files shown on many pages like feature names, menu, button and necessary messages
  • Language files shown on a single page

4. In RVskin Manager, click "customize" at the bottom of the page you want to midify. Pop up windows will allow you to change the messages. HTML tags are allowed.

5. You can put user's domain name, IP address, and username into the customized message by using code:

{{username}} = Hosting account's user name
{{domain}} = Hosting account's domain name