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Upsale Products/Services - Configuration

Finding new customers is 10 times harder than selling your services to current customers. Rvskin comes with great marketing tools to increase your revenue. In skin configuration, features that you set to 'NO', will automatically disappear. With the upsale feature, those checked below will not disappear. When the user clicks the link it will redirect to your defined url. There are a lot of possibilities to increase your revenue, just be creative. If your billing system is robust enough, you can set it to automate account upgrading without your intervention.

If the url is set to:

On the user's control panel, the link will be:<<username>>&domain=<<domain>>&feature=<<feature>>&plan=<<hostingplan>>

<<username>> = Cpanel User Name
<<domain>> = User's Domain Name
<<feature>> = Feature Variable Name
<<hostingplan>> = Current hosting plan

Feature Name Feature Variable Name Url to sent to
(Please include http:// or https:// in text box below)
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  Add / Remove accounts
  Default E-mails  m_default
  Auto-Responders m_autores
  Block E-mails m_block
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  Spam Assassin m_spam
  Modifiy Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) m_mx
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  Sub Domains s_sub
  Parked Domains s_park
  Addon Domains s_addon
  Frontpage Extensions s_frontpage
Analysis and Log Files
  Web / FTP Stats l_stats
    awstats l_stats_aw
    webalizer l_stats_alizer
  Sub Domain Stats l_sub
    awstats l_sub_aw
    webalizer l_sub_alizer
Advanced Tools
  Cron Jobs a_cron
  Mime Types a_mime
  Apache Handlers a_apache
  Manage OpenPGP keys a_pgp
Preinstalled Scripts
  CGI Center p_c
    advanced guestbook p_c_advguestb
    counter p_c_counter
    clock p_c_clock
    countdown p_c_cdown
    Entropy Search p_c_etpsearch
    Entropy banner p_c_etpbanner
  Search Engine Submit p_se
  PhpMyChat Room p_phpchat
  Fantastico p_fantastico
Not implemeted yet.
  Register new domain name
  SSL certificate
  Additional space
  Additional bandwidth