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Knowledgebase : FTP
Please view our tutorial on how to add a FTP account by clicking here.
Please view our tutorial on how to backup your site by clicking here.
FTP clients, including Cute FTP, Absolute FTP, and many others should only require three things: 1. The hostname (domain name) or IP Address to connect. 2. The login or userid associated with the hostname. 3. The password for the account. Once...
Please view our tutorial on how to use the File Manager by clicking here.
Upon logging into your account, you are restricted to only your account and cannot move outside of your account. When you log in, you are in what is known as the "root" of your account. In here there are several miscellaneous files and directories, all of...
If your domain has fully propagated, meaning if you can reach it by browsing to, then you should use your domain name for the FTP host. If your domain has not yet propagated, then you should use your IP address until the domain has p...
There is no difference between the "public_html" and "www" folders. The "www" folder is simply pointing to the "public_html" folder. It does not matter which folder you put your files in. They will show up in both.
You need to upload files pertaining to your website to your "public_html" directory inside the root of your account. Files uploaded below your "public_html" directory will not be available on your website.
FrontPage does not properly recognize the /~username part of the preview link. You must wait until the domain fully propagates to our server to use FrontPage.